Exercise through menopause

Regular physical activity is important during every stage of life. During menopause, exercise can help maintain healthy weight and body composition, manage hot flushes and night sweats, and strengthen bones. It can also boost your mood and lower the risk of depression, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress and anxiety.

The added benefit of exercise is that it can also be prescribed to manage coexisting conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, cardiac health, and diabetes, which have a higher prevalence in postmenopausal women.

The Menopause Centre has partnered with Bodytrack Exercise Physiology – one of Brisbane’s leading exercise physiology clinics – to support you to keep active at this time of transition.

As with any medical treatment, it is important to find the right exercise program to suit your symptoms and conditions, and to have someone who can support you to adapt your program to suit your body’s response.

As specialists in anatomy, biomechanics, human physiology, and the management of chronic disease, Bodytrack’s university-qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologists will individually tailor an exercise program to suit you personally. They will use a combination of exercise prescription, education and behaviour change strategies to help you live an active and healthy life.

The plan will have a positive effect on symptoms you are experiencing – especially the hot flushes and night sweats. It will also assist in achieving and maintaining a healthy balance of muscle and fat mass.

Bodytrack sees all new clients for an initial assessment where they review medical history, medications, previous and current physical activity habits, limitations and discuss what you want to achieve through exercise. You may complete physical assessments based on your individual capacity and goals, to determine a baseline of your health and fitness.

Using all the information gathered, your Accredited Exercise Physiologist will work with you to create a structured plan, tailored to your lifestyle and your goals, as well as addressing motivation, adherence, and barriers to exercise. Your plan may include one-on-one sessions in the clinic or via telehealth, small group classes or a home exercise program.

The real advantage of seeing your Accredited Exercise Physiologist comes as they monitor the way you respond to your exercise program, measuring progress, working through set backs and making any necessary adaptations to the program to ensure you’re optimising your health.

Contact Bodytrack Exercise Physiology or The Menopause Centre today to make an appointment or to find out more.

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