Individualised specialist advice and care relating to the often challenging changing hormone patterns of menopause.


Sensitive and discreet care relating to problematic changes such as incontinence or post-menopausal bleeding and other gynaecological concerns.


Compassionate psychological support to empower you to cope with the lifechanging stages of menopause.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Specialist support to manage concerns such as pain, pelvic weakness, and incontinence associated with menopause.

Dietitian services

Advice and support for maintaining a healthy diet to alleviate symptoms of menopause and reduce post-menopausal health risks.

Pathology (Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology) 

Blood and tissue testing to determine your health status and inform the best treatment options.

Queensland X-Ray

Specialist women’s imaging to monitor changes to your body and their impact on your health during menopause.

Independent and understanding specialists, conveniently located in the Nicholson Street Specialist Centre adjacent to Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane.