Menopause can present psychological challenges, but know that help is at hand. The Menopause Centre can connect you with compassionate, independent psychologists who specialise in this life stage. They will assist you to maintain optimal mental health, whether you’re experiencing a sense of loss at the end of your reproductive life, dealing with the early onset of menopause, or experiencing psychological struggles stemming from physical symptoms.

Psychologists Narelle Dickson and Laura Grace offer valuable counselling to help you grow and learn to deal with the stresses of everyday life, helping to ease any anxiety around menopause. They aim to empower you so you can enjoy your work and/or family life, relationship with a partner, and any other areas in which you need support.

Your doctor might refer you to a psychologist, or you are welcome to enquire directly about talking to one of them.

Contact the Menopause Centre and ask about psychologists today.

Independent and understanding specialists, conveniently located in the Nicholson Street Specialist Centre adjacent to Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane.